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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

tukar minyak gear box proton wira

Here is tutorial how to change the manual transmission fluid Proton Wira.

Items need:
-New gear oil: API GL-4 (not GL-5!!), Grade: SAE80 (Proton default), SAE90, SAE80W90, or SAE75W90, 1.8L
-wrench 24mm
-wrench 17mm
-funnel and vinyl hose about 0.8~1m

1. Jack up the car.
2. Loosen the filler plug with 17mm wrench.


3. Loosen the drain plug with 24mm wrench.


4. Drain the gear oil.
5. Tighten the drain plug. There is a washer with a step. Step should face to hexagon of plug.
6. Insert the end of vinyl hose to the filler hole.


7. Fill in new gear oil till the oil flow out.
8. Tighten the filler plug. There is a washer too.
9. Done.

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