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Sunday, December 13, 2015

how to remove squidguard package

SSH must be enabled and configured on our pfSense box. Linux and Mac users will have the SSH client installed by default. Windows users will have to download and install PuTTY.



In order to resolve this issue and successfully install SquidGuard you will have to connect to your Pfsense from SSH (SSH Must be enabled and firewall rule must be configured) and do the following in order to install it by ignoring the Digital signature check.

How to do it...

Connect via SSH from a Linux/Mac client as follows:
  1. Open a terminal window and run:
    ssh admin@192.168.x.x 
  2. If you are using the default configuration, you'll then be prompted for a password.
  3. If you are using RSA key authentication, you'll connect directly or be asked to enter the pass-phrase associated with your key. If you need to specify the location of your private key file, you can use the -i option as follows: ...

Enter an option: 8 (Shell)

Enter Code:
rm /usr/local/pkg/squidguard*
fetch -o /usr/local/pkg/
fetch -o /usr/local/pkg/

And then remove it from the GUI by hitting the 'x'.

That function is in, if it's there it should be working, though doing the rm first will clear out all of the package's xml files as well, which may help.


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